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The primary purpose of classification and shading

Date:2017-05-31 16:23
Shading and shading net, is nearly 10 years to carry out special a new type of agriculture, fishing, animal husbandry, windproof, cover soil maintenance cover data. The summer after a light cover, rain, moisture, cooling effect. Winter and spring up and be warmed humidification.
Usually in winter and spring training leafy the net cover directly on the leaf appearance (with cover), to prevent low temperature damage, because of its light weight, per square meter of only 45 grams of mercy, has grown tall leafy vegetables also
Don't overwhelm, bending, declining commodity. Because it has a certain air permeability, cover the outer surface of the leaf still after dry, reduce the disease onset. It also has certain transparency, cover will not "yellow cover to cover". Henan Agricultural University in 1997 to now in Linying county is a dragon vegetables Park of celery in Greenhouse in winter, cold face mask maintenance shed, the results found are net surface in the external -6 ℃ conditions covered, celery leaves not found a large number of ice; and single shed controls, especially in the upper leaves has frozen hard, the determination of covered temperature 1.5 ℃ higher than that of the control.
The primary purpose of
The first use of shading in summer, especially the implementation of large area. Someone said: winter in the north is a piece of white (film cover), the summer is a black (cover shade net). Summer in the south the use of net culture of vegetables has become a top implementation of the technical measures of prevention maintenance. The use is limited to the summer vegetable seedling. Summer (6 - August) cover shade net primary role is to prevent the cool day irradiation, the storm impact, high temperature damage, insect disaster communication, especially a good role to block move up the plague.
The summer after a light cover, rain, moisture, cooling effect; spring and winter cover and be warmed humidification.
Moisturizing principle: [1] cover net, windbreak effect because of cooling, air dropped coverage area and outside of the exchange rate, would significantly advance the air relative humidity, at noon, humidity increases the maximum, a forward 13-17%, high humidity, soil evaporation decreased, increased soil moisture.
Net is made of polyethylene (HDPE), high density polyethylene, PE, PB, PVC, recover the material, new material, poly ethylene propylene as raw materials, through ultraviolet stabilizers and anti oxidation, with strong, the tensile resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and radiation resistance, simple features such as. Mainly used for vegetables, Xiang Gu, flowers, seedlings, herbs, edible fungus, ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, crop maintenance training and Fisheries poultry breeding, have significant effect on the progress of production etc..
Net classification
Round wire net:
Because the net is composed of warp and weft insertion warp knitting machine weaving, is made, so if the warp and weft is round
Silk weaving, it is round wire net.
Flat shading:
Longitude and latitude are flat woven net is flat shading network, the network is low weight, shading rate is high, mainly used for agriculture, garden sunshade.
Round flat shading:
Warp weft is flat, round wire, perhaps the warp is round wire, weft is flat, shading network is round flat wire net weaving.

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