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Fine mesh safety net features

Date:2017-05-31 16:22
A mesh density, high, generally vertical building protective net of not less than 800. 100 cm, while the commercial mesh density up to 2000 /100 cm. So can frustrate the gravel, falling bricks and other bottom area of 100 square centimeters of the following object, its security features than other similar products.
Two, with straight chain multi tectonic special knitting method, by a group of reciprocating circle of straight chain coil and another group through three straight chain coil consisting of mesh. The net knot without slipping, the mesh is not easy deformation, the net body scale stable; fruit with light, stiff, price is also lower than the general safety net.
Three, high strength, heat insulation and ventilation net body light, light, fire, dust and noise, good air permeability, and does not influence the lighting, can realize the closed work, beautification construction site.
■ maintenance
A, prevent a net to had pulled the appearance of rough or sharp edge.
Two, prohibited people relied on or article packing pressure to the safety net.
Three, to prevent a person to jump or throw goods net.
Four, to prevent large numbers of welding or other Mars in the security fence.
■ fine mesh safety net standard
Raw material: HDPE high density polyethylene.
The mesh density: ≥ 2000 /100 cm.
Impact resistance: 100Kg bag 1.5m high impact net, punching breaking length of a straight line or curve length ≤ 200mm ≤ 150mm flame retardant: continued burning ≤ 4 seconds, smoldering ≤ 4 seconds.
Standard scale:
Dense mesh safety vertical net: ML1.8 × 6 ML1.5 × 6 ML2.0 × 6 ML1.2 × 6;
Safety net (net): P-3 * 6;
Safety vertical net (small net): L-1.2 * 6L-1.5 * 6 and L-1.8 * 6L-3 * 6.

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