BINZHOU HUARAN ROPE NET CO.LTD, was founded in July ,2009 with registered capital of 30 millions. We are located in Jianglou industrial park ,Huimin county, Shandong pr,China. Till now we have 8 years professional experience of manufacturing various kinds of Rope Nets. Our company covers an area of 80000 square meters .There are 25 domestic advanced equipment production lines with total assets are 1.5 billion and more than 300 employees including 20 college a



    • Summary:

      Shading and shading net, is nearly 10 years to carry out special a new type of agriculture, fishing, animal husbandry, windproof, cover soil maintenance cover data. The summer afte...

    • Summary:

      A mesh density, high, generally vertical building protective net of not less than 800. 100 cm, while the commercial mesh density up to 2000 /100 cm. So can frustrate the gravel, fa...

    • Summary:

      Used for various building sites, especially in high-rise buildings, the whole closed construction. To avoid personal injury, falling objects, avoid welding spark caused the fire, r...

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